The Electric Dead

by The Electric Dead

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The long awaited debut album from The Electric Dead!!


released October 13, 2017

All songs written by The Electric Dead
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Kishō Torin Lever at Casa Del Trioxin
Produced by Kishō Torin Lever & The Electric Dead
Album Artwork by Kevin Walsh. Photography by Bradley Christiansen
Album Cover layout and typography by Kishō Torin Lever


all rights reserved



The Electric Dead Saint Catharines, Ontario

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Track Name: Bring On The Darkness
Bring On the Darkness

On a lonely road, far from my home
Black dog looking down on me from a hill of bones
His eyes were red, voices in my head
Whisperin’ softly in my mind
Tell you what they said

Bring on the Darkness, bring on the end of time

Still on that road, never goin’ home
The devil’s work is never done for the devil’s own
Life to make dead, blood to be bled
Voices screamin’ in my mind
Tell you what they said
Track Name: Lucifer's Blues
Lucifer’s Blues

Cast out long ago, he walks across this land
Always trying to find a way to free the souls of man
They call him the fallen one
Lied about in tales told to boys and girls
But you know he’s not the one
Who wants to burn the world

Sing the Devil’s praises, sing the Devil’s song
Sing all the things you were told are wrong

Knowledge he did bring in the apple he gave Eve
When man had his eyes opened
The Lord told them to leave
Out of paradise they went
He asks no sacrifice of blood, or sons, or pain
Cause you know he’s not the one
Who killed the world with rain
That rebel angel fought against the tyrant God
Not to glorify himself, but to spare you from the rod
Don’t believe the lies they tell
No cities has he burned, no plagues has he sent
Now my friends it’s clear to see
Just how the truth’s been bent
Track Name: Devil In A Dress
Devil in a Dress

One look in her eyes will steal your breath
And you know that what she wants will be your death
She won’t even try, but you’ll take her hand
And once she has a hold
You know you are forever damned

And you’ll never be free
Her hooks are too deep
You’ve been marked by the beast
The devil in a dress has made you hers to keep

Her love is a lie…you see it, now you don’t
What she has in store, you don’t wanna know
Her love is a lie…as thin as air
And there is no escape from the prison of despair

So don’t even cry…remember, someone said
“That girl may look fun, but you’ll only wind up dead!”
Track Name: I'm The One
I’m The One

As darkness falls across the land
I feel the pull of Satan’s hand
It is my purpose it’s my thrill
To be the one that does his will

You know that I’m the one
I am the bullet in the gun
I kill until the killing’s done
You know that I’m the one

I am the one who walks alone
An evil force is in my bones
It is my purpose it’s my thrill
To hunt the night when all is still

As the sun begins to rise
I do lament the night’s demise
But the light won’t always reign,
And the dark will come again
Track Name: Me And The Devil
Me and the Devil

Gallow’s rope around my neck, time is drawing near
One last drop to finish me but I have no fear
Deal’s in place to bring me back and make them pay
I will rise and bring to them their dying day

Me and the devil, we’ve got some work to do

Godly men in arrogance say “Don’t fear the dark!”
They don’t know that inside me is an infernal mark
I’ll be back, and back for blood, Old Nick right beside
Cut them down ten at a time, darkness has arrived

Now I ride across the land, Dark Lord by my side
Bringing pain and pestilence everywhere we ride
I’ll make them pay for what was done to me
I will be the end of everything they’ve ever dreamed
Track Name: If You Love The Dead
If You Love the Dead

When the sun goes down, and you’re all alone
Are you Afraid? Does it feel like home?
Do you feel alive out amongst the tombs?
Do you find the joy in the gathering gloom?

If you love the moon and you feel it’s pull
The call to violent rapture as it waxes full
If no one understands the things you love
Why you choose the one below over the one above

If you love the dead, if you love the dead
Come walk amongst us child, if you love the dead

If you love the night and all it brings
If you find the comfort in forbidden things
Can you feel the love in my dead embrace
Can you feel the passion when I kiss your face
Track Name: Wife Gone On The Funeral Train Blues
Wife Gone On The Funeral Train Blues

See the flames of vengeance in my eyes
It’s time for getting even…someone dies
Me and my axe we gotta lot to say
Nowhere to run now baby, cause you’re gonna pay

Hear that whistle blowin’ on that funeral train
It says my baby won’t be back again

I’ll put you in the ground way out back
You’ve done me so wrong woman, and that’s a fact
Hear that train a-comin’…so take a ride
And when my axe is swingin’ there’s no place to hide

Hear that whistle blowin’ on that funeral train
It says my baby won’t be back again
Hear that whistle blowin’…that means it’s time to die
And when my baby’s gone I got no need to cry

And when that reaper comes to collect
He’ll take one look at you and I expect
He’ll say that that there woman, she is no damn good
And the Devil knows I did just what I should
Track Name: When All Is Lost (Satan Wants You)
When All is Lost (Satan Wants You)

If you have no hope, come to me
If your heart is broke, come to me
If you’re giving up cause all is bleak
Throw away your cross and come to me

In my arms you will find revelation
From the Christ you will have emancipation
Look upon me with great adoration
The Lord of Darkness will be your salvation

Satan wants you

If they shut you out, come to me
If you’re filled with doubt, come to me
When all is lost and it’s love you seek
I will be your Dark Lord, come to me

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